Forever Liss Faint Hair Ultra Moisturizing Mask 350g

Forever Liss Faint Hair Ultra Moisturizing Mask 350g


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The Ultra Moisturizing Mask Faints Hair Forever Liss 350g has instant action that reduces volume and frizz while hydrating and providing extreme shine to the hair. Its formula contains Brazilian Keratina, D'panthenol, Collagen and Amino Acid Synergy that recover hair by promoting deep hydration that results in more aligned strands. This mask will lighten your hair, leaving it as light and silky as ever. The Forever Liss Hair Desmaia Mask fits into the hydro-reconstruction stage of the capillary schedule.



Indicated for all types of hair, especially dry hair , with frizz and excess volume .



Brazilian keratin: Protein that acts on the hair fiber, forming a layer of protection.

D' Panthenol: Helps to strengthen the threads, in addition to promoting hydration and protection.

Collagen: Improves the structure of the hair, promoting more elasticity and strength.

Synergy of Amino Acids: Provides important nutrients for hair health, keeping strands hydrated for much longer.



  • Reduces hair volume
  • anti-frizz effect
  • extreme softness
  • intense glow
  • Alignment of hair fibers
  • Instant feeling of lightness
  • prolonged hydration


How to use

01. Right after washing your hair with the Desmaia Cabelo Shampoo, apply the Desmaia Cabelo Mask to the strands that are still damp, spreading over the entire length.

02. Enluve lock by lock.

03. Let it act for 5 minutes.

04. Rinse until the product is completely removed.

05. Finish as you wish.

For a better result use the complete Desmaia Hair Line



Your hair will be extremely hydrated and, as a result, will experience a reduction in volume and frizz, with shine and softness that will revitalize the beauty of your hair.

The result of the product may vary according to the state and conditions of each type of hair.



01- Ultra Moisturizing Mask Faint Hair Forever Liss 350g.



Keep in a cool place and away from light. Adult external use. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly. If you get a rash, suspend the use. If irritation persists, seek medical advice. Do not ingest, keep out of reach of children and pets.



Aqua, Disodiun EDTA, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Cetyl Alcohol, Cetyl Lactate, BHT, Behenamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Panthenyl Hydroxypropyl Steardimonium Chloride, Water (and) Wheat Amino Acids (and) Soy Amino Acids (and) Arginine (and) Serine (and) Threonine, BisHydroxy/MethoxyAmodimethicone, Amodimethicone (and) Cetrimonium Chloride (and) Trideceth-12, Cetyl Lactate, Grape Seed Oil Dimethiconol (and) TEA-Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, Methylchloroisothiazolinone (and) Methylisothiazolinone, Aqua (and) Parfum, Lactic Acid.


Additional Information

We do not perform tests on animals.

ANVISA case number: 25351072693/2016-17.

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Main Questions:

1. What is the pH of the Ultra Moisturizing Mask Faint Hair Forever Liss?

A. The pH of this mask is 3.8 - 5.2.

2 - The Forever Liss Faint Hair Ultra Moisturizing Mask enters which stage of the capillary schedule?

A. It enters the hydro-reconstruction stage.

3. What is the frequency of use of the Forever Liss Hair Fading Ultra Hydrating Mask?

A. This mask can be used 1 to 2 times a week.

5. Can the Forever Liss Faint Hair Ultra Moisturizing Mask be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women?

A. Yes, the product can be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers and children with no restriction on use.

6 - What type of hair is the Ultra Moisturizing Mask Faint Hair Forever Liss for?

A. Straight, Curly, Wavy, Bleached, Curly, Oily, Chemically Treated, Colored, Mixed, Red, Dry, Highlighted or other types of hair.

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