Kit Mutari Cosméticos Top Coat Duo (2 Products)

Kit Mutari Cosméticos Top Coat Duo (2 Products)


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Kit Mutari Cosméticos Top Coat Duo (2 Products)

Treatment kit for damaged hair. Kit Mutari Cosméticos Top Coat Duo has a high impact action with results in the first application. 

The Mutari Cosméticos Top Coat Duo Kit is composed of products that offer capillary restoration and alignment. It helps to reduce frizz, combat opacity and dryness of the fiber, leaving the hair more beautiful and healthy. The products promote natural volume reduction and a reflective shine for the hair strands. 

Even if the hair has gone through dyes, progressives, straightening and discolorations that have eliminated its nutrients, the deep treatment manages to recover it.


Mutari Top Coat Clean Effect - Shampoo 500ml : offers, in its powerful sanitizing action, the elimination of pollution residues, as well as residues of finishers, providing delicious well-being and comfort.

Mutari Top Coat Polished Effect - Capillary Mask 500ml: provides frizz control, with high treatment power and shine. Its components build a long-acting protective and moisturizing film, ensuring extremely comfortable, healthy and shiny hair.

NOTE: Image for illustrative purposes only. The product is shipped without the valve.

How to use 

Application Board

With wet hair, apply the product to the root of the hair, massaging gently. Let it act for a few moments and then rinse thoroughly. Repeat as needed. With damp and clean hair, apply the mask strand by strand, aligning the strands with the aid of a comb. Pause for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse.

Our Experts Teach

When drying your hair, try to use a good quality soft towel, and avoid rubbing the strands.

Action / Result

Polished Effect: cuticular polishing through an intense treatment and high shine, which leaves no hair out of place. Does not contain chemical straightening actives.

Frizz reduction, fight against opacity and fiber dryness. Provides cuticular alignment with reflective shine and natural volume reduction.

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