Mutari Cosmetics Blond Vegan Professional Shading Kit (2 Products)

Mutari Cosmetics Blond Vegan Professional Shading Kit (2 Products)


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Mutari Cosmetics Blond Vegan Professional Shading Kit (2 Products)

Kit with shampoo and mask for blonde, gray and bleached hair. Mutari Cosméticos Blond Vegan Professional Shading Kit  treats while correcting the tone.

The Mutari Cosméticos Blond Vegan Professional Tinting Kit  promotes tinting for blonde strands with warm golden tones (orange/yellow) and also for gray hair, accentuating the grayish or platinum nuance.


Mutari Blond Vegan - Tinting Shampoo 1L: has high technology and effective tinting pigments that neutralize unwanted reflections such as yellow/gold, orange/copper and other warm nuances. It also promotes a platinum nuance in ultra light blonde hair, allowing an extremely excellent result.

Mutari Blond Vegan - Matizadora Capillary Mask 1kg: it has an intense repairing action and neutralizes the color. Its formula has a biotechnological active with a high impact on hair fiber restructuring, which gives hair health and vitality after coloring and discoloration processes.

*NOTE: Image for illustrative purposes only. The product is shipped without the valve.

How to use 

Application Board

Shampoo: with wet hair, apply the product to the strands, massaging gently. Leave on for 1 to 5 minutes, or until desired shade is achieved. The break time is variable according to the needs of each hair. Then rinse thoroughly. 

Mask: make use of suitable gloves before using the product. Apply the mask on clean, damp hair and massage gently. Leave 1 to 10 minutes under observation, depending on the needs of each hair.

Our Experts Teach

When drying your hair, try to use a good quality soft towel, and avoid rubbing the strands.

Action / Result

Promotes the hydration and reconstruction of the wires while tinting, providing long-lasting results.

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