Truss Equilibrium Kit (2 Products)
Truss Equilibrium Kit (2 Products)
Truss Equilibrium Kit (2 Products)

Truss Equilibrium Kit (2 Products)


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Truss Equilibrium Kit (2 Products)

Kit with shampoo and conditioner for oily or mixed hair. Truss Equilibrium fights excessive oiliness without drying out the hair. 

The Truss Equilibrium Kit has a formula that acts on the scalp, balancing natural moisture and preventing premature weakening of the ends.

How to use


Application Board

Apply Truss Equilibrium shampoo to damp hair, massaging gently. Then rinse thoroughly. If you prefer a deeper cleaning, repeat the entire process.

Then apply the Truss Equilibrium conditioner along the length of the hair. Let it act for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Action / Result

Nano Repair: microparticles that are evenly deposited on the hair strand, forming a protective film, has an anti-frizz action, protects the color, ensures internal shine and a silky touch.

Vegetal Complex: has several ingredients, such as Cinchona, Arnica, Lemon, Juá, Apple, Grape, which tone, regulate oiliness, reduce dandruff and irritation, help to heal and stimulate blood circulation.

Panthenol: tones the scalp, in addition to creating an elastic layer on the hair fiber that hydrates and restores the hair.

Soft Hair: conditioning agent that provides strength to the wires, detangles, fights frizz, gives softness and shine. Improves combability and minimizes cuticle damage.

Keratin: formed by 18 amino acids, its rapid absorption by the fiber recovers the resistance of the strands while leaving the hair fuller.

Argan Oil: rich in Omega 6 (linoleic acid) and 9 (oleic acid), it revitalizes and improves the flexibility of the threads.

Avocado oil: rich in fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins A, B1, B2, C and D, it is a powerful sunscreen, in addition to being highly emollient.

Pineapple Oil: rich in vitamins and fatty acids, hydrates, reduces frizz and protects from the sun's rays.

Lipo Nutrient: rich in fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids, protects from ultraviolet rays.

Hair with controlled oiliness, smooth, silky soft, full of health and life.


This item contains

Truss Equilibrium - Shampoo 300ml:  cleans the scalp while regulating oiliness at the roots.

Truss Equilibrium - Conditioner 300ml: thoughtlessly detangles the hair while preventing excess oiliness.

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