Truss Kit La Moda Net Mandatory Use (4 Products)

Truss Kit La Moda Net Mandatory Use (4 Products)


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Truss Kit La Moda Net Mandatory Use (4 Products)

Kit with shampoo, conditioner, mask and reconstructor for balanced hair. Truss La Moda Net Mandatory Use rescues resistance and vitality lost in everyday life.

The Truss La Moda Net Use Mandatory Kit has a shampoo that provides gentle cleaning with moisturizing action, providing increased softness of the threads. A conditioner that hydrates and recovers damaged hair, helping combing and increasing shine. 

A capillary mask that has an exclusive effect for nanoreposition of protein mass and the nanoregeneration of damaged hair, providing shine, softness, definition and thermal protection. It also accompanies a capillary reconstructor that restores strength, resistance and shine for the hair to be beautiful and healthy again.

How to use 

Application Board

Apply the shampoo to wet hair, massage gently and let it act for 2 minutes. Rinse.

After using the shampoo and before the conditioner or mask, spray the Reconstructor on the lengths and ends of the hair, massage and rinse.  

Apply the conditioner to wet hair, from the nape of the neck to the ends of the hair. Then rinse.

Apply the mask to the length of the hair and massage, let it act for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse.   

 Our Experts Teach

When rinsing, make sure you have removed all the product from your hair. Let the water pass between the strands until you don't feel any stickiness anymore, just water.

Action / Result

Color Fixate: Innovative and high-performance technology that provides color retention and anti-fading action on colored hair, The polymer forms a hydrophobic surface throughout the hair fiber, reducing water absorption during washing and thus reducing color loss during the process! Improves the liveliness and shine of dyed strands and ensures long-lasting conditioning and repair. 

Arginine Plus: Vegan complex made up of amino acids, keratin and essential elements responsible for treating, repairing and strengthening the hair fiber, restoring life, shine and volume to damaged hair, in addition to preventing future damage caused by chemical processes and the constant use of a hairdryer and board. 

Fiber X: Technological active formed by xylitol, highly moisturizing natural sugar, and a vegetable protein with high permeation capacity. This system is capable of deeply caring for the strands, providing immediate hydration to the hair, in addition to making it shinier, softer and stronger. It reduces the formation of frizz and keeps hair healthy for longer.

Creatine: Powerful active formed by microparticulated amino acids that penetrate deeply into the hair fiber due to its small size, recovering strands damaged by chemical and physical processes and increasing the strength of the hair fiber. Protects, revitalizes and hydrates the hair, providing better combability. Minimizes the effects of capillary aging, acting as a hair repairer and protector.

Phoenix Rose: Plant active, extracted from the desert rose plant, which when exposed to intense solar radiation and reduced humidity closes to preserve its life, in addition to activating its moisture retention complex, so the plant is always alive . Responsible for protecting the hair against the aggressions of the external environment

Prebiotics: Active responsible for stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria for hair health, increasing resistance against various external aggressors such as disease-causing microorganisms and reinforcing the skin barrier, increasing protection against environmental variations.

Linum Seed Fiber: extract extracted from golden flax fiber. Its fibers are soluble, being rich in Proteins and Oils with high concentrations of Omega 3 and 6. 

Polisil: highly conditioning active that easily adheres to damaged hair strands.

Cleaner, hydrated, soft, treated, protected, beautiful, healthy and shiny yarn

This item contains

Truss La Moda Mandatory Use - Shampoo 650ml: reduces damage to the capillary surface with physiological pH.

Truss La Moda Mandatory Use - Conditioner 650ml: reduces the degree of damage to the capillary surface.

Truss La Moda Net Mask - Moisturizing Hair Mask 550g: promotes curl definition, hydration and frizz reduction. 

Truss La Moda Mandatory Use - Hair Reconstructor 500ml: gives life to brittle strands and protects chemically treated ones.

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