Truss Night Spa - Night Treatment Serum 250ml
Truss Night Spa - Night Treatment Serum 250ml

Truss Night Spa - Night Treatment Serum 250ml


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Truss Night Spa

Night treatment serum for all hair types. Truss Night Spa Night Treatment Serum promotes deep hydration that revitalizes the hair. 

The Truss Night Spa Night Treatment Serum provides a shield that keeps the nutrients inside the hair fiber. Prevents the action of external agents, which reduce frizz and increase shine. It regenerates damaged hair fiber and disciplines unruly strands.

How to use

Application Board

Apply the serum to the lengths and ends (never to the roots) of dry hair at night, strand by strand and massage. Let it act during sleep. The next day, wash 2-3 times as usual.

Action / Result

Myrica Fruit Wax: Vegan wax from altitudes above 1,800 meters in the Andes, which seals in all its internal nutrients and protects from external aggressions. It is free of preservatives and has the ECOCERT seal of sustainability.

Vitamin E: antioxidant action, fights free radicals and prevents premature aging of the hair. Protects from damage caused by sunlight. Assists in hair growth and combats hair loss.

Vitamin F: revitalizes dry and damaged hair.

Cysteine: amino acid that repairs the cuticle and protects against external aggressions.

Soft Hair: conditioning agent that provides strength to the wires, detangles, fights frizz, gives softness and shine. Improves combability and minimizes cuticle damage.

Ceramides: recovers the cohesion of the hair cuticles, protects the color and adds shine.

Your hair is hydrated, frizz-free, shiny and protected for longer.

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