Let Me Be Smoothing Treatment Single Step Formaldehyde-free 500ml 16,9
Let Me Be Smoothing Treatment Single Step Formaldehyde-free 500ml 16,9oz - BuyBrazil
Let Me Be Smoothing Treatment Single Step Formaldehyde-free 500ml 16,9oz - BuyBrazil

Let Me Be Smoothing Treatment Single Step Formaldehyde-free 500ml 16,9oz


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Let Me Be Smoothing Progressive Brush Without Formaldehyde Single Step 500ml

It's a capillary alignment for all types of hair. Protein Smoothing Let Me Be provides powerful restoration and effectively prevents hair aging in just one step. It has a special technology that allows you to apply the product without washing your hair. Single step product better known as single step. It results in hair exuding shine, softness and a surprising natural movement.

It was developed with a new technology capable of restoring and preventing hair aging in a single application step, in addition to dispensing with pre-washing. Because it is organic, it does not cause any discomfort, it has no smell and does not sting the eyes. We have a unique and exclusive formulation developed with a blend of amino acids and proteins that in synergy result in soft hair, reduced volume and elimination of frizz. The result of Protein Smoothing Passo Único Let Me Be is hair with controlled volume, free of frizz, with shine and incredible movement. 

Hydrate, eliminate frizz and reduce volume.

-Anti Frizz;
- Hair Aligned;
-Intense Glow;
-Alignment of the Hair Fiber;

-Sensation of Lightness Instantly on the Wires.

How to apply

  1. This product does not need pre-washing with anti-residue shampoo. It is only necessary to wash the hair beforehand with a common shampoo for daily use if the hair is with cream, spray, leave-in or any other product.
  2. In this case, after washing, the shampoo must be removed and dried before applying the product.
  3. For a perfect result, apply the product directly to the hair, wait for a break time of up to 50 minutes for blonde hair to 1:30 hours for normal/resistant hair, rinse, removing the product from the hair, dry, no need to brush.
  4. Plank in very thin strands several times until you see that the cuticle is sealed.

Tip for blonde, colored, gray or streaked hair:

  • The break time for blondes, bleached hair or highlights is UP TO 50 minutes.
  • After the pause time, rinse 100% and dry 100% (no brushing required).
  • Use the board with a maximum temperature of 180ºC.
  • The hair can be tinted right after the application if necessary.
  • For shades above 7 or platinum, you can mix a tint of your choice with the Protein Smoothing Passo Único in the proportion of 80ml of Progressive to 20g of the tinting mask.
  • To achieve a pearly result, mix the Passo Único progressive with the Champagne Let Me Be mask in the proportion of 80ml of Progressiva to 20g of matizadora mask.

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